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Some may say we are dreamers, but we are not the only ones ...



Photo of Bobby Fischer (1971)

PaChess Magazine                      November 2001
by Juan Jose Pacheco

Welcome to PaChess Magazine!

Hi, my name is Juan JosÚ Pacheco (you can call me "Pache").
I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentine.
I'm 27 years old and I play chess since I was 6.

Someone said that chess is something you never give up at all. My personal experience showed me that man was absolutely right. I left official practise when I was 17 and after a few years I thought of chess as something of the past. Then I discovered correspondence chess, yes, email chess. You may say it's better to play a few blitz games and have a good time, well, you may be right about that. Others can say that to play a game under tournament time (40 moves/2 hours) has incomparable sensations, they may be right too.
But ...

Have you ever tried to find the hidden secrets of a position?
Have you ever tried to find the "best" plan, not just a "good" plan?
Have you ever improved an opening line that had been played by a grandmaster?
Have you ever thought about the "essence" of chess?
Have you ever played CORRESPONDENCE CHESS?

I have always thought that correspondence chess was too slow. Nevertheless, here we are, we have the Internet, we have electronic mail. You won't have to play a game for a couple of years, a couple of months will be enough!
Well, I joined IECG (International Email Chess Group) and now I enjoy chess with new friends from all over the world.

I've designed this page thinking about those chesslovers, no matter the way you practise it, no matter if you are Kasparov, a grandmaster, a coffeeclub player or a novice. This is a place to share things of our hobby in an interactive way, this page is open to every person who enjoys chess and friendship.

This edition includes the following sections:

Home : (this section), just an introduction;
News : I will try to publish in this section news about "email" and "live" chess from different parts of the world.
Games : it will include commented games. This number contains the "Immortal Game";
Problems : my monthly challenge for my visitors. This number includes four "mate in 2" problems;
PaChess Cup : I have decided to organise an email tournament, open to all. It's just a way to say thanks to all my visitors and friends;
PaChess Poll : The "evergreen" query. Who was the best? Vote for your favorite.
Downloads : I have put here a fine collection of games of famous chessplayers. They are in ChessBase format as soon as this is the most compressed format;
Links : chess links, cool sites and friends.

Remember all the sections are open to all, you can send me anything you want to be published. I promise more sections in further editions.

I hope you enjoy PaChess Magazine, thanks for your visit and come back soon.



Juan Jose Pacheco

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"To the memory of my father, Miguel Angel Pacheco who encouraged me to play chess when I was a child, a great chesslover and the best father of the world."